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History Behind Waterline

Since we’ve already introduced you to the beauty and charm of the Waterline Marina Resort & Beach Club, we thought we’d give you a taste of the culture and creation behind the name.
When our team started thinking about the vision behind the resort, one thing that stood out was the connection of where the water and the resort meet — hearkening the distinct line where the hull of a boat meets the water. We needed something that would connect not only lines, but also the Old Florida and heritage of Anna Maria Island, alongside our modern resort.
This emotional connection led us down a path that focused on the general idea of lines. Lines may mark where one thing begins and another ends, but they can also be looked at as a point where those two things unite. Once we began looking at lines from this perspective, the idea of Waterline rose to the surface.
By definition, waterline is “the level reached by water, visible as a line on a boat, beach or bank.” It is the line where two things come together and exist harmoniously in the same space.
You’ll notice in the logo the “Plimsoll line,” which is a nod to the internationally used boat marker – or waterline – determining the legal limit to which a boat may be loaded.
The Plimsoll line takes deep roots in boating history. Samuel Plimsoll was a British politician and social reformer who dedicated himself to achieving greater safety for seamen, and whose name has been given to the marker on the side of a boat, indicating the maximum depth to which the boat may be legally loaded. The depth varies with a ship’s dimensions, type of cargo, time of year and the water densities encountered in port and at sea.
Anna Maria Island is located along west-central Florida’s famed “Sun coast,” with sunsets being one of the key reasons to come to the island. A sunset also evokes the image of a waterline – where the fiery reds and purples of the sun meet the endless aquamarine of the gulf waters. We’ve married these two images – Samuel Plimsoll’s mark and a half-eclipsed sunset – to make the Waterline logo. For us it represents where boats meet the water; where the water finds the beach; where the sun touches the horizon; and where family comes together.
Make plans to drop anchor and visit Anna Maria Island’s only full-service hotel in early 2017! Waterline Marina Resort & Beach Club, Autograph Collection, blends the beauty of nature and the desire to unplug with luxurious modern amenities.
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